FW 2010 'LOUISE BROOKS' - Yuna Yang
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“There is no Garbo, there is no Dietrich, there is only Louise Brooks,” – Henri Langlois

Yuna Yang FW 2010 was inspired by the provocative style of the 1920’s
silent movie starlet Mary Louise Brooks. Also known as ‘Lulu,’
Brooks traveled across the world, performing as a dancer and actress
in both Europe and America. With her forward
thinking fashion sense; her clothes became an external representation
of her innovative and liberal spirit. Lulu’s fashion heralded the
emergent role of women in society, part of the twentieth century’s
momentum that would give rise to feminism, women’s liberation and its
corollary, ready-to-wear fashion.
Yuna Yang FW2010 collection, manufactured right here in Manhattan, is
unique in providing couture quality ready to wear designs.