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Kachi: The New Intern

Samyang Blacksand Beach,  Jeju Island South Korea 
YY: So Kachi give me the basic information about yourself.
Kachi: My name is Onyedikachi Alexander Udeoji, I am 23 years old and I am Nigerian. I am the new Marketing and Sales intern at Yuna Yang Collection. 
YY: You said you were Nigerian. How did you end up working for a U.S fashion brand?
Close to the Bottom of MT Halla With my Fendi Purse
Kachi: Well, my journey with fashion has been a long one. As far back as I can remember I have always been attracted to nice clothes and I never liked getting dirty. My big fashion AHAAA!!!! moment was when I started boarding school in the UK. While at United World College of the Atlantic I visited London and expanded my fashion horizons. In the UK, I got to run from one store window to another staring at a the couture garments on Bond street. I got to see what a real fashion hub was like. I also travelled a bit around Europe and visited a few key fashion cities. After the UK, I came to The U.S for college. Since I’ve been here I studied in Korea and Trinidad and Tobago. In Korea, I attended an all Women’s university (the same one Yuna attended) and in Trinidad and Tobago I was studying the steel pan. 
YY: How do you feel you fit into Yuna Yang Collection?
Kachi: I feel I belong here because I admire Yuna’s aesthetic. To me fashion is art in motion and Yuna shares the same perspective.The multiculturalism she displays in her work and her attention to detail also resound with me. The showroom is also stress free, everything is done well in advance so there is no room for error and no one is yelling. 
YY: You seem to have travelled and experienced a lot. What is your craziest fashion experience and  what are the signature pieces in your closet?
Carnival costume shop in Port of Spain  Trinidad
Kachi: My craziest fashion experience so far was organizing Wheaton College’s Diversity fashion show in April this year. There was hairspray, mascara and high heels flying everywhere. It was challenging organizing the show for the third time but it was worth it. My signature items of clothing are a yellow and black checkered scarf that I got at a thrift store at the East end of London and a Vintage Fendi purse I found in Cleveland Ohio. I have had the scarf longer than any item of clothing and the bag has gone up a mountain with me (Mt Halla). 

YY: What are you looking forward to the most while working at Yuna Yang?

In a horse drawn carriage in Warsaw Polland
Kachi: I am looking forward to the Yuna Yang presentation on September 7 2012. It is going to take place at the NASDAQ building in Times Square and it is going to be fabulous. There will be celebrities and  the show will be broadcast on all twelve screens around the building. Being back stage at the show and contributing to its success will be the epitome of my fashion experience.

New York Fashion Week



Yuna Yang in Numero Korea.
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